January 2014

Green Mosaic

The color green (綠: Lǜ) symbolizes nature, growth, wealth and prosperity, harmony, health, sprouting, balance, patience in traditional Chinese culture. I wish all of us a greener Chinese New Year with lots of happiness, prosperity and health! As I said in my previous post: Be more green and do little efforts in your family to [...]


Referring to the previous post about how unnatural conventional cotton is , I want to present B by White , a brand of baby clothes made with love of certified organic cotton, dyed with natural dyes and fair traded. It is important to use natural fibers for clothing your baby and also for sleeping bags and bed linen - even better when organic textiles.Ana Voces [...]


  Happily presenting boob, a Swedish Brand that makes life easier to us moms. They offer stylish and convertible clothes that accompany you from pregnancy to nursing (“before and after” shirts), using patented and practical details that help to breastfeed discretely. I am of the opinion that you should breastfeed wherever and that it is the [...]


Benetton: eco-bargain! A t-shirt with a mission!


I found the organic cotton collection of Benetton at a 50% off sales: hoodies in beautiful colors at less than 9€ and cool T-Shits for boys and girls in all sizes for less than 4 €. The T-Shirts show awesome sayings, like "I am an eco-friendly dude" for boys and the ones on the photos [...]


This weekend the new sleeping bag for Stella arrived. It is by the Swiss brand ZiZzz and we love it. It is very important that your baby sleeps well, because it lets you also rest well! The sleeping bag is also a great gift for a baby! Sleeping bags have many advantages compared with duvets and baby blankets. Infants cannot [...]


  The jersey is by FUB, a Danish brand of kids clothes. It is made out of very soft, 100% organic merino wool. You cannot imagine how soft the wool is, you want to touch it all the time. FUB has practical, honest and beautiful designs with a retro feel, very suitable for children. Socks are by [...]


Big news! Now I blog in Spanish and English


My Christmas gift was a professional relaunch of the blog and move to wordpress platform, where i will be much more flexible and can customize my blog to a larger extent. Big opportunity as I can write my blog in English and Spanish and perhaps I even include German. I also moved to my own domain babyecochic.com. We [...]


Cotton is very natural, right??


Yes, BUT: did you know that conventional cotton agriculture uses 11 % of the total pesticide consumption in the world, applying it on an area, which equals only 2,4% of the agricultural surface in total on earth. The fact even worses, if you have a look at the use of insecticides only: one fourth of [...]


New year´s resolution 2014: BE MORE GREEN!


Be more green means take care of the environment, reuse, recycle and reduce instead of buy new and save resources in general. I do not want to put an extensive list of habits to be more green, but some ideas to inspire you to include it in your new year´s resolution list 2014 and that [...]


Breastfeeding is the best and most adequate food for your baby, this is well known and I do not want to explore this in my post. This magic and appreciated nutrition can have a great variety of uses and it excellent to cure different ailments, because of its antibacterial and antiviral properties. The antibodies that [...]